Terms & Conditions

  • No prostitutes allowed.
  • Spring break groups and bachelorette with restrictions.
  • No extra guest allowed besides the ones registered in the initial reservation.
  • No drugs.

Villas are located in residential areas, noise must be reasonable after 11:00pm

No live music permited at all, specialy banda music, mariachi can be considered upon request and with previous authorization

All guest must decide in the same combination for food, (breakfast & lunch, lunch & dinner or breakfast & dinner), all meals are served family styles, certain exceptions can de made for those with food allergies, intolerance or children, cost for food and beverages are not included in the prices, and a small extra fee fro grocery shopping will apply.extra fee for grocery shopping will apply.

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular destination in Mexico, therefore, its under constantly growing so as a result it is very common that may experience some noise during your stay in the city or property including but not limited to the interruption of services.

Checkin 3:00 pm, check out 12:00 pm , any modification in the hours, may incur in extra charges, please ask for early checkin in, and late check out.

Changes in inventory, items and décor may occur from time to time and such changes will not void the terms of the rental.

Tipping of the villa/household employees is customary in Mexico. The amount of tips would depend on your length of stay, the service, the number of guests, special service and so forth. We receive many wonderful comments about the service at our villas. We are, frequently asked how much to tip and have established a guideline that may be of help to you. An amount of $12.00 to $15.00 per guest/per day seems to be the average gratuity. Or, if you prefer, up to 10% of your total accommodation expenses as a total to the villa staff is also customary divided among the staff.

Extra security deposit will be request upon your arrival for the amount of $ 500 us in cash or check, and will return the day of your departure, this rule under any circunstance will be avoid.

Please note that a seperate rental agreement will be send after the reservation its confirmed to be signed with a copy of your i.d. and the name of the guest.

The violation of any of the rules could be ended in a eviction with no refund and incurred in extra charges.

Neither the Agent, the Property Owner, their agents or employees shall be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage to any person or property of persons occupying the property

Neither Agent nor property owners or their representatives shall under any circumstance be held responsible for any disturbance or inconvenience the guests may suffer while occupying the vacation property caused by the actions of its neighbors or unforeseen circumstances in the surrounding area, specially construction due to Puerto Vallarta’s constant investment, growth, upgrades and renovations including but not limiting the interruption of public services.

The laws of the State of Jalisco, Mexico shall govern the validity, performance and enforcement of this Agreement. In the even Guest seeks a recourse against Villas or any other individual or entity for any injury to a person or property of a person occurred within the Premises, the only applicable venue to solve any such issue or action shall be the courts of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.

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