CasMar 3

Tranquil Oasis with Urban Access – Unit 3 of 4

Welcome to the embodiment of serene comfort and urban accessibility – introducing Unit 3 of 4, our delightful condominium. Tucked away in a peaceful neighborhood, this one-bedroom haven is designed to be your escape, whether you’re traveling solo or with a companion. And here’s an exciting tidbit: if you’re captivated by the allure of this unit, you’ll find its counterpart in Unit 1, situated just one floor below.

Step into Unit 3, conveniently perched on the floor above, and immerse yourself in an ambiance that’s both inviting and snug. Tailored for up to 2 guests, this cozy retreat promises relaxation in a setting that’s intimate and personal. If you’re someone who craves connection yet values privacy, Unit 1 mirrors the charm of Unit 3, right beneath your feet.

Awaken your senses to the gentle rhythms of nature in this tranquil neighborhood – a place where leisurely strolls and moments of calm become your daily indulgence. Venture a stone’s throw away, and you’ll find yourself on Av los Tules, a lively street that offers an urban experience like no other. Here, shopping centers, delightful eateries, and vibrant bars await, presenting you with the exhilarating energy of city life right at your fingertips.

Both Unit 3 and Unit 1 share the same meticulously designed interiors. The bedroom stands as your personal haven, the living area exudes an inviting warmth, and the fully-equipped kitchenette is your canvas for culinary creations. Whether you opt for Unit 3’s elevated perspective or Unit 1’s ground-level convenience, you’re guaranteed a modern, comfortable space tailored to your needs.

Embrace the peace of your private sanctuary or engage in the bustling city scene – the condominium effortlessly harmonizes both experiences. If the allure of an elevated outlook appeals to you, Unit 3 offers just that, while still providing easy access to the vibrant surroundings below.

It’s time to unwind, explore, and create memories. Whether you choose Unit 3 or Unit 1, your stay promises an unforgettable fusion of relaxation and urban thrills. Secure your booking now and unlock a tranquil getaway that seamlessly marries the best of both worlds – your oasis of calm, just moments away from the city’s heartbeat.


CM Boutique 3 - Bedroom
Queen Bed 190 x 150 mts



Low Season

High Season


May 1 - Oct 31

Min Stay 3 Nights

Nov 01 - Apr 30

Min Stay 5 Nights

Dec 19 - Jan 7

Min stay 7 Nights


$ 69

$ 89

$ 169

Rates Plus 16% (VAT Tax)

$ 20 USD Cleaning Fee Apply

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Prices start at: $ 2,070 monthly (+taxes and fees)

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