Celebrations in Puerto Vallarta: Day of the Dead and Thanksgiving

Dear friends and valued clients of Luxury Villas Mexico,

It’s a pleasure for us to share the exciting upcoming festivities in our beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta. Two special events are just around the corner: Day of the Dead and Thanksgiving. Below, we provide you with details on how to celebrate these unique occasions in our coastal paradise.

Day of the Dead in Puerto Vallarta

Day of the Dead, one of Mexico’s most iconic celebrations, is celebrated with great splendor in Puerto Vallarta. From October 31st to November 2nd, our streets come alive with colorful altars, offerings, and parades that honor the departed. Don’t miss:

  • Altar of the Dead: Visit the altar exhibition in the city center to admire the offerings made in memory of loved ones.
  • Catrinas Parade: Join the Catrinas parade, where the iconic figure of La Catrina comes to life in a show filled with music and dance.
  • Traditional Cuisine: Savor the typical Day of the Dead dishes, such as pan de muerto and mole.
Day of the Dead - Sayulita

Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta

For our American friends and all food enthusiasts, Thanksgiving is an occasion to give thanks and enjoy a delicious meal in Puerto Vallarta. Some highlights for celebrating include:

  • Local Restaurants: Many restaurants in Puerto Vallarta offer special Thanksgiving menus with turkey, stuffing, and all the traditional fixings.
  • Beach and Sunsets: What better way to give thanks than on the beach? Organize a beachside picnic and enjoy a beautiful sunset.
  • Community Events: Look for community events where you can join others in celebrating and sharing this holiday.

We hope you enjoy these upcoming celebrations in Puerto Vallarta. Don’t hesitate to visit us and be a part of these wonderful traditions! If you have any questions or need more information about specific events, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy celebrations!

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